Manpower Export Insurance
Millions of Bangladeshi nationals working abroad are expatriates who work hard and for the prosperity of the nation earning very important forex, because of them. The country’s growth is increasing today. Those foreign exchange earners are looking to ensure the financial security of their families, NRB Global Life Insurance has launched the scheme of “ Manpower Export Insurance” by the approval of the  People’s Republic of Bangladesh. In this scheme NRB Global Life Insurance Co. has taken of financial compensation in exchange for the very low premium for the premature death of expatriate Bangladeshi working abroad.
Premium Payment Method
One year premium will have to be paid onetime at the beginning of insurance.
The merits of taking out insurance
The persons who will go abroad through an authorized recruiting agency and anyone between the age of 22 and 45 years will be eligible to receive this plan.
Generally, in case of adoption of life insurance policy, there is the difficulty of submitting various documents. Only a small number of information especially photocopies of visa couple passport and NID card will be provided by filling out a form that the formality of adopting the policy can be ended.
Death Benefit
If the policy holder dies within one year while at work overseas, the claim payment will be paid to the legal representative of the insurer.
Unemployment Allowances
Those who are going abroad for jobs without any fault or ignorance on their own, if you return to the country within three month due to the agency that went abroad of the fault of the foreign employer, then  NRB Global Life Insurance Co. will pay him onetime unemployment allowance.


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