Group Insurance
In addition to the sophisticated scheme, NRB Global Life Insurance has launched a plan with welfare benefits for the employees in public private companies. Group insurance premiums are extremely low and pay annually. These insurance premiums can be paid to full or partial employer and employees. The payment of group insurance premiums depends on the decision of the employer and employees.
The purpose of the scheme is to relieve on the premature death of officers and employees of various corporations and small business organizations and the financial crisis of their family members. This group insurance offer can be accepted with a minimum of 25 members.
  1. Accident risk, including the benefits of high sum assured with very low premiums.
  2. In the event of premature death, the group member may receive a onetime sum assured.
  3. The family’s financial security is guaranteed.
  4. Group term insurance special scheme is available for maturity insurance and investing in this money can ease your leisure money.
  5. Additional supplementary coverage can be taken advantage of with a nominal premium.

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